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Free Excel Share Trading Tracking Spreadsheet

Tracking Share Trades and Performance using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is used widely to track the performance of Share Portfolios and to analyse Share Performance. Using the built-in functionality of Excel you can also develop an automated update of prices for your Share Portfolio so that you know the market value of your investments at anytime. If you are looking for a spreadsheet to track your Share Portfolio then download our Free Share Trade Tracking Spreadsheet below.

Free Share Trading Portfolio


What is the Free Share Trading Portfolio ?

This is an Excel spreadsheet that you can use to track your Share Portfolio. It provides for an automated update of the Share Prices in your portfolio with the click of a button. The prices are sourced from Yahoo finance and each time you add a new security to the portfolio the price update will search for that new security

Download Free Share Trading Portfolio

How to use the Free Share Trading Portfolio ?

  1. Start by downloading the Free Share Trading Portfolio via the download button above.
  2. Open the workbook and then Enable Macro’s these are required to support the automated price update
  3. Update the Security and Exchange information with your Security details, only enter details into the fields marked with yellow background
  4. Click on Update Prices to search for and return the Company Name and Market Price
  5. To add more Securities insert more rows at the bottom of the existing table and drag down the formulas from the previous row.


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XLAutomation is a partner website for the Excel Help Desk.

If you are interested in more Share Trading features than demonstrated in this spreadsheet we recommend visiting their website. They offer a custom workbook called Share Trade Tracker that provides Dashboards and other automated feeds of information.

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