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Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet

Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet

The Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet will list all the activities in your business and personal life in one place. It provides sorting and notification if one of your activities is past it’s finish date. It is quick and easy to update making it a tool you can use everyday to focus on what needs to be done. Click on the Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet download link below to start using the To Do List.


To Do List

What is the Free Excel To Do List ?

This is an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to organise your business and personal life. It lists all those things that you don’t won’t forget in a sorted and prioritised order. When you complete items they are re-formatted and moved to the bottom of the list.

Free To Do List Sample

Why use a To Do List ?

Set Goals – Knowing your goals gives you vision and direction, helping you manage your time, priorities and resources to achieve those goals.
Prioritize – by prioritizing your To Do List you eliminate missing deadlines, crisis management, appearing disorganised and feeling overwhelmed.
Stop Procrastinating – Once you’ve prioritized your To Do List stick to it! Putting off doing what you know needs focus now, only creates feelings of guilt and anxiety.

Download Free To Do List

How to use the Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet ?

  1. Start by downloading the Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet via the link below.
  2. Clear the existing To Do items included to the sample
  3. Include your own To Do Items, with description, category, status and due date
  4. Click on Update To Do List to re-format and re-sort the To Do List

You can add new Categories via the “Reference” worksheet if needed.

Enhanced version to allow for Multiple People

Click on the Download link below to access an enhanced version of the Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet. This version allows you to copy the existing To Do List worksheet and store a To Do List for different people in the same workbook. This was requested by a website visitor and then developed by the Excel Help Desk support team.

To Do List Multiple People


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XLAutomation is a partner website for the Excel Help Desk.

If you are interested in more than just this basic spreadsheet we recommend visiting their website. They offer a full features To Do List with many more functions and configuration options..

Click Here for details on To Do List by XLAutomation.




  1. Hi – I just started using your spreadsheet yesterday and find it very helpful. I’m using Excel 2007 and seem to be getting some compatibility error messages when I save. The Update button has now stopped working (after I entered a Completed status item) – I get a Run TIme Error 1004, Sort Reference is not valid error message. Is there a different version that is more compatible with Excel 2007?


    • Excel Help Desk

      Thanks for contacting us regarding the To Do List spreadsheet….you could either send a copy of the spreadsheet you have updated to support@excelhelpdesk.com and we could investigate the problem and upgrade the version of the workbook to Excel 2007. Or you could visit our partner website XLAutomation that offers a paid version of the To Do List with a number of extended features….see it here…http://www.xlautomation.com.au/to-do-list-pro

  2. Hello!

    The speadsheet has been working really well for me.

    I have been working with the default categories: business, personal and another one.

    Now that i am more confortable with the spreasheet, i would like to add my own categories, and ideally add to the number of categories i have.

    I have added 4 categories, but the drop down menu only captures the top 3. Is there something i can do so that i can expand the list of categories?

    Thank you very much! Your help is greatly appreciated!


    • Diana,
      Great to hear that you are finding this spreadsheet helpful.
      To expand the list of categories you can simply change the reference that is used in the drop down to capture you additional categories.
      To do that (in Excel 2007 or above), select the Formulas Tab and then Name Manager.
      Double click the name “ReferenceCategoryList”
      then select the expanded range of cells for you additional categories and then select OK
      This should expand the lookup list for categories in the spreadsheet
      Excel Help Desk

  3. I just started using the spreadsheet but I cannot get the update button to work. Since I am not too familiar with excel, I am sure it is an error on my part. OTherwise, the to do list is great! Thank you.

    • Cathleen,
      Have you enabled macros after opening the Template. If you have not enabled macro’s then the Update function will not work.
      Please let us know what updates you have included to the Template after downloadning it….that will help us to understand where the problem lies. You could also send the support@excelhelpdesk.com an email with the current To Do List spreadsheet attached.
      Excel Help Desk Support Team

  4. I am currently testing your “to-do-list” spreadsheet and i think it has great functionality. However, I cannot replicate the functionality past task number 10. I have tried following the advice you provided earlier on (copying an existing row in the template and then using ‘insert copied cells’ into a new row) and that hasn’t allowed me to replicate the functionality (and it has broken the functionality that i initially had) . When i change a task from “not started” to “completed”, the colour doesnt change (it remains white). The same if i go from “completed” to “not started”. I have also tried changing the “Last Reference Number” to 10020, but that didn’t help.

    Is this a problem that can be solved in the sample product, or do i need to buy the full version? I dont mind making manual changes to the spreadsheet, as long as i know where to make them.

    Any help that you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Diana,
      Great to hear that you are finding the To Do List helpful.
      If you could send a copy of your current updated copy of the To Do List to the support@excelhelpdesk.com email address we will look into this issue and report back a fix for you
      Excel Help Desk Support Team

  5. I would love to be able to add several columns, but I find when I do that, the sort does not include them. Is this an easy fix?

    • Dianne,
      Thanks for contacting us regarding the To Do List…
      Unfortunately the current version of the To Do List template does not allow you to add columns to the template that are then included to the Sort. We will add this as a future enhancement for the template so that it will allow users to included their own information to the template and the sorting is maintained.
      ExcelHelpDesk Support Team

  6. I downloaded the spreadsheet and it works like a charm, I love it! The only thing is I have been trying to change the colors of the status categories and still am only able to see the yellow or gray fill. When I’ve tried to change colors, it just defaults into a regular non-fill background. Can you help with this?

  7. I downloaded a copy of your to-do list today. It’s a great tool!
    Is the row supposed to turn gray when the task is completed? Mine does not. It remains the same color it was before the task was completed. I am running on Excel 2003.


    • GP,
      Great to hear that you find the to do list is useful…
      The completed tasks when marked turn grey after selecting the “Update To Do List” button. This is at the top of the template.
      When that button is selected all the tasks are reviewed and if required updated for colour and sort order. If your copy is no longer doing that you could send it through to our support team and we can investigate.
      Send the spreadsheet to support@excelhelpdesk.com
      ExcelHelpDesk Support Team

  8. After Inserting new row, I then copy and paste from an existing row. My question is does the Ref # column have to be updated manually for the spreadsheet to work. There is a last ref number used in the ref sheet. If not then it will also be the same ref number which could cause problems. It is also difficult to remember to change the Ref # number manually and then change the ‘last ref number used’ in the ref sheet.

    • Owen,
      You are right that it is difficult to remember to change the ‘last ref number used’ in the reference sheet. But for this version of the To Do List template it is not important to change that value. That value is used in a paid version of To Do List pro to automatically add new rows using a button. The paid version is available from a related website XLAutomation @ http://www.xlautomation.com.au/to-do-list-pro

      This version of To Do List is a basic sample that requires manual effort to update and maintain the data. The re-sorting is automated through the button at the top of the spreadsheet.
      Excel Help Desk

  9. The spreadsheet is exactly what I was looking for and perfect for swift entering of issues and then updating progress etc. My only query is what is the correct procedure for inserting a new row entry?

    • John,
      To insert a new row entry into the To Do List template you simply copy an existing row in the template and then use ‘insert copied cells’ into a row within the existing rows. It will then increase the number of rows for the template and also maintain all the functionality.

  10. Can someone tell me how to insert a new row here. Whenever I do so. I lose the correct sort/priority order even after updating. I have been trying by copying the previous row and overwriring tha data but I cannot get the records to resort correctly. Is it something to do with the functions in the end cells. I have tied pasting these too without success.


    • MAC,
      If you could send (support@excelhelpdesk.com) us a copy of the modified workbook that you have inserted the rows to we could investigate why the sort and priority are no longer correct.
      It should just be a case of copying the entire row and then inserting that within the range of the existing rows

  11. This is exactly the kind of tracking spreadsheet I have been looking for to help me keep tabs on all things business and personal. I’ve spent the last hour trying to enter test data into cells to see if new tasks will work. Nothing I tried seems to work. I am unable to enter any data into cells such as “Category, Status, Priority….” I keep getting an Excel error that says ” Must select a vaule from the list.” Is this a compatability problem? Any suggestions?

    • Excel Help Desk

      To supply values for Category, Status and Priority…..you need to access the reference sheet and include the new values there.
      To ensure the new values are included you need to insert a cell into the existing lists and include your new values. Then re-sort if needed.
      From that point you will be able to select them on the To Do List worksheet
      Excel Help Desk

  12. Thanks for the quick fix. You guys rock

  13. I am using office 2007

  14. I receive the same / similar error … have a screenshot that can be sent if you’d like. I’m running Win7x64, with Excel 2010.

    • Excel Help Desk

      Ok….we have now identified and resolved this problem
      The template should now function without an error on that procedure


      • Downloaded, opened up and it looks like it’s working … many thanks for the quick turnaround!

  15. Calculated Sort Value field is not working for me I get a compile error


    Is this a known issue?

    • Excel Help Desk

      Thanks for letting us know this issue….we will investigate and upload a new version to resolve this. Can you confirm what version of Excel/Office you are using ?
      Excel Help Desk