Free Invoice Template

Professional Excel Invoice Template

Do you need a professional Invoice Template for your business? The Excel Help Desk team have created a generic Invoice template that is simple and effective method to generate invoices for your customers. It can be customised to your business including company logo and information. This Free Invoice Template is a sample of what can be acheived using Excel. For other templates created by the Excel Help Desk team visit our Free Templates and Spreadsheets. Click on the Free Invoice Template download link below to start creating Invoices.

Free Invoice Template



What is the Free Excel Invoice Template ?

This is an Excel template that can be used to create invoices for a small business. It provides all the standard items needed in a professional invoice. You can customise the invoice to display your company details and logo.

Download Free Invoice Template

How to use the Free Excel Invoice Template ?

  1. Start by downloading the Free Excel Invoice Template via the link below. We suggest that you create a invoice folder on your work desktop and save each created invoice to that folder.
  2. Insert your Company information at the top of the Invoice and include your logo
  3. Set the starting Invoice No in the top right corner
  4. Then include your Customer’s details and other relevant order information
  5. Now include the invoice items for this order, their description, quantity and unit price
  6. Next include any shipping charges and payment terms
  7. Lastly update the Terms & Conditions and any final words for the bottom of the invoice.
  8. Once you have finished your first invoice you can copy it for each new invoice and just change the details needed for the new invoice.
  9. That’s it, you should have a professional invoice finished in a few minutes with this template.


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